Tablet PC

A Tablet PC is a PC and monitor all in one, similar to a laptop. One main difference, however, is that the tablet's screen may not flip up like a traditional laptop. Because of this, the tablet has no built in keyboard, instead allowing the user to use a stylus to move the mouse around the screen and select keys on an on-screen keyboard to type. This is the ultimate in portability, and allows users to draw directly on the screen. Some tablet pcs allow the screen to flip up and rotate to function as standard laptops.

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Penabled LCD Monitor

A Penabled LCD Monitor is similar to a graphics tablet, and also similar to the tablet PC. While not a PC itself, it does allow the user to draw directly on the screen with a stylus. It could be connected to a computer in the operatory room and display images as well as allowing a user to make notes on the images. Like the graphics tablet, it requires a separate computer to connect to. Since it functions as a monitor, it does not require a monitor. Because users draw directly on the screen, it is more intuitive than the graphics tablet.

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Penabled Pad

A Penabled Pad, also called Graphics Tablet, is a secondary input device, like a mouse, that allows the user to control the pointer on screen with a stylus on the penabled pad. Its main advantage is a more natural control for drawing on the screen. Requires separate computer and connects with USB, usually. Unlike the Penabled LCD Monitor, the graphics tablet requires a separate monitor.

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